Edie Stone, MA
Certified Shamanic Journey Guide since 1995     
2027 Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80302

Chakra Journey Workshop         A Totem Pole of Spirit Guides

in Boulder,  Colorado

with Edie Stone, MA

Friday, February 18, 2011 - Free Introduction to Shamanic Journeys

Sunday, February 20, 2011 - Chakra Journey Workshop

What is a Chakra Journey?

In the Chakra Journey Workshop, you will discover that you have a Spirit Guide of each chakra.  Usually they appear in animal form.

Some of the Chakra Animals may be familiar to you as Power Animals or other Allies, but you will appreciate them in new ways as shamanic specialists of your health and energy system. 

Other Chakra Animals will be new to you, and you will enjoy meeting them and learning about their unique functions and powers. 

If it feels appropriate to both you and your Spirit Guides, you may also merge with or shapeshift into one or more or your Spirit Animals, and see or feel from inside their perspective.

Join us for this interactive workshop in which you will meet or deepen your connection with your Chakra Spirit Animals.  You will begin an on-going relationship with these Spirit Guides in which you can receive healing and guidance about many issues directly from them.

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Teacher Information

[Edie Stone]

Edie Stone, MA, LPC,
is a psychotherapist and Certified Shamanic Journey Guide.

She has been developing the Heart Vision Shamanic Journey process for over 16 years in her private practice and with spiritual groups in Colorado and Wales.  She has taught skills for guiding shamanic journeys to psychotherapists and hypnotherapists since 2004.  She presented "Shamanism and Psychotherapy" at several professional counseling conventions and seminars, 2004-2006.

Edie has been journeying with her Chakra Animals since 1992, when she took a workshop with Stephen Gallegos, PhD, originator of The Personal Totem Pole Process®.  She was certified in 1995 as a Shamanic Journey Guide from The Center for Spiritual Shamanic Studies, with Kayla Moonwatcher, Director.  Edie has guided clients on many wonderful chakra journeys in her professional practice as psychotherapist, soul-centered counselor, and shamanic journey guide.

For more information, you can visit Edie's main pages at:

Edie has been studying with Oscar Miro-Quesada since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers over the past 30 years.

She also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic ancestors. She traveled to Europe and attended an international conference on Shamanism and Healing in Austria in 2006.  She has also toured Britain, and given presentations and workshops in Wales and England on Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions and Merlin's Prophecies and 2012. Edie is currently teaching a series of monthly classes and ceremonies in Boulder, Exploring Celtic Spirituality.

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