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Edie Stone, MA
Certified Shamanic Journey Guide since 1995     
2027 Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80302
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Edie's Upcoming Events and Workshops, Spring, 2015

What will I experience in a shamanic journey?

Edie's other events and classes, Winter-Spring, 2015:


NEWS: Oscar Miro-Quesada will teach another course for Shift Network in May. I will post details soon.

The Path of the Universal Shaman: Transforming Our World through Sacred Living.

A 7-Week Journey
with Peruvian Curandero, Psychologist and Author
don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Information and registration at: /us14ES/ediestone/

The link will work if you click on it. But it you copy it, you will have to delete the space between go /us
(I get a small commission in reciprocity for telling you about the course if you decide to register.)

Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian curandero and
                        world wisdom teacher 

Oscar also did a webinar on March 19,  and a free recording is available (this will be similar to the Intro to the new class in May ...stay tuned for new date).

Puma Medicine: Transforming Your Awareness with Shamanic Power.
This was an intro to the 7-week course, but is powerful as a stand-alone experience. Listen to Oscar's encounter with a puma at Machu Picchu.
It is also a good introduction to don Oscar and his interactive style of teaching in the course.
You can download a replay at /pumaES/ediestone/

The link will work if you click on it. But it you copy it, you will have to delete the space between go /puma

Other upcoming classes with Edie Stone:


Free Introduction to Shamanism

Friday, March 6, 2015. 7:00 - 9:30 pm
with Edie Stone, MA, Certified Shamanic Journey Guide
Discover this gentle, grounded method of entering an expanded state of consciousness and meeting your own Spirit Guides and Animal Allies.

You will learn safe, easy, and effective ways to connect to spiritual guidance and healing energy. If you are new to shamanic journeys, this will be a comfortable place to start. Bring your questions and curiosity. If you are familiar with journeying, come experience a more body-centered form and learn about other shamanic practices to benefit Mother Earth.

After a brief general introduction to shamanism, this session will focus on Peruvian Shamanism and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.
I am offering my services for this evening introduction free of charge. Donations will be gratefully received on behalf of Pueblo elders in New Mexico.

Friday, March 6, 2015. 7:00 - 9:30 pm

2027 Broadway, Suite H (downstairs), Boulder, CO 80302. Below Oliverde.

DIRECTIONS: My office is 1/2 block north of the Pearl Street Mall, between Pearl and Spruce, in downtown Boulder.
     After parking, come back to the sidewalk on the west side of Broadway. At street level, look for  Oliverde (olive oil store), then come downstairs.
     Parking is available on the street or in the Spruce Street Garage. The southbound Skip and 208 buses stop right in front of my building. More details at
    Downtown Boulder is busy on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons! Come early to dine or picnic on the Mall before our session.

COST: I am donating my time for this evening presentation. If you are able to give, a donation in the $10 to $25 range to benefit Pueblo elders would be gratefully appreciated  No one turned away for lack of funds.

RESERVATIONS: Please RSVP if possible, as space is limited.
PHONE 303-415-3755 by the day of the event
by the day before the event, as I won't have email access at my office.

BACKGROUND INFO: See for more information about Heart Vision Shamanic Journeys.
See for more information about Oscar Miro-Quesada, plus local and national apprenticeship trainings

Contact me if you are interested in a monthly Journey Group, 303-415-3755 or email

Teacher bio

Let us honor the Vista of the Ancestors

Let us honor the vista of the Ancestors

Photo Vista of the Ancestors © 2007 Edie Stone
Vista means "vision" or "shamanic sight."

Portal to a Green Future
Portal to a Greener Future
Photo©Edie Stone 2008


"Edie is a gifted teacher who is incredibly open to sharing all of her talents.  Thanks for sharing your gifts with me!"
workshop participant, Boulder

"Thanks much for everything, I had a wonderful experience."
workshop participant, Boulder

"I went to one of her evening presentations on the 2012 Mayan-Celtic connections and weaving all these signs of doom and gloom into something healing and positive for ourselves and Gaia, and I found it to be truly inspirational. I can't put into words what I have been thinking and pondering over since the talk at the Morris Hall, but it was just FAB and so I urge people to grab Edie, go to a workshop or presentation while she's in the UK and be inspired!"
participant, Shrewsbury, England                                      

Teacher InformationEdie Stone teaching
          Peruvian Shamanism in Wales, 2008

Edie Stone, MA
, is a Pachakuti Mesa Teacher and a Level IV Apprentice of don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  She has been studying with don Oscar since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers from North and South America over the past 38 years.

Edie also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic ancestors. She has studied with Frank Owen MacEowen, Tom Cowan, Mara Freeman, and  Geo Cameron Trevarthen, and is currently studying Celtic and British mystical traditions with R. J. Stewart at The StarHouse near Boulder. 

Edie is a Certified Shamanic Journey Guide. She did a 13-month apprenticeship training in guiding shamanic journeys 1993-1994, with Kayla Moonwatcher.

Edie has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, specializing in Soul-Centered Counseling, Holistic Psychotherapy, and Heart-Vision Shamanic Journeys.

She is also a member of the Colorado Welsh Society.



Well, you missed it and it was great! See for don Oscar's schedule in 2014.

The Shaman's Heart: An Awakening of Compassion, Healing and Vision

My teacher, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, will be offering his last workshop of this year at Shambhala Mountain Center, Oct. 11-13, 2013.

He will be joined by Byron Metcalf, who will provide a deep soundscape for our ceremonies over the weekend.

$225.00 plus room and board.
Information and registration:
        Shambhala Mountain Center


Office location and directions: 2027 Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80302

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Edie's events in Wales and England
    2008 -
    2006 - Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

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Article Ancient Wisdom for Personal and Planetary Healing
    A version of this article appeared in Healing Path Magazine, March/April 2007

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